The Ant Who Loved Zelda: A Love Story from A-Z

The Ant Who Loved Zelda: A Love Story from A-Z

The Ant who loved Zelda 

Was eager to win her heart, 

So each day he brought her a flower

It was a start.

Each blossom held meaning

Symbolizing: love, hope and dreaming,

Along with the wish Zelda might one day

Open the door to see

The Ant who adored her every way.

A is for Amaryllis, 

wrapped in a small parcel, 

blooms meant to bring 

a little sparkle.

B is for Blue Bell, 

through which I profess 

to bestow upon you 

my steadfast faithfulness.

C is for Cherry Blossom, 

a flower shy until spring, 

until awakened by birds 

most eager to sing. 

D is for Daisy, 

white petals to be sure, 

offering reminders 

of  love gentle and pure.

E is for Evening Primrose 

delivered by glove, 

under a lamplight unveiling 

a steadfast love.

F is for Forget-Me-Not 

placed down with care, 

a reminder true love 

washes away despair.

G is for Gardenia, 

a graceful flower of refinement, 

hoping our stars (fingers crossed!) 

are in alignment.

H is for Heliconia, 

a botanical bestowing great returns, 

if only the door would open… 

How my heart yearns.

I is for Ivy, 

flower of friendship and affection, 

a longing most seek 

upon mirrored reflection.

J is for Jonquil 

a bud filled with hope, 

that feelings be returned 

and a heart awoke.

K is for Kalanchoe, 

which takes eight weeks to unfurl

a bloom so persistent, 

it causes hearts to whirl.

L is for Lilac, 

of soft tranquil petals, 

the door remains closed,

I feel the sting of nettles.

M is for Magnolia, 

sturdy, white, noble and pure, 

carrying feelings 

intent to endure.

N is for Nasturtium, 

with petals like shields in conquest, 

masking and protecting 

hearts unable to rest. 

O is for Orange Blossom, 

determined to sprout in abundance, 

offering kind tenderness 

in the face of reluctance. 

P is for Peony, 

a small flower with big meaning, 

for a happy life is better 

than one of dreaming.

Q is for Queen Anne’s Lace, 

offering delicate protection and grace, 

a refuge for hearts 

should they rapidly pace.

R is for Rose, 

red petals shouting love, 

they offer sentiments 

culminating in all the above.

S is for Sage, 

an herb to bring wisdom and health, 

which are the rarest 

and finest kinds of wealth.

T is for Tulip, 

a blossom carrying devotion… 

(I do hope these flowers 

aren’t causing a commotion!)

U is for Ursinia, 

known for temptation… 

(As the alphabet is soon closing, 

I fear agitation, or is it my imagination?)

V is for Violet, 

a modest flower to be certain, 

if only you might consider 

pulling back the curtain.

W is for Wisteria, 

cascades of purple for devotion 

while carrying with them 

an array of emotion.

X is for Xeranthemum, 

a plant everlasting, 

like the love I carry 

and continue casting.

Y is for Ylang-Ylang, 

for never-ending love, 

as I get closer to the letters’ end 

I feel content with my efforts above.

Z is for Zinnia,

a botanical of remembrance. 

I’ll never forget the time I spent 

picking flowers to gain entrance. 

These last few petals I’ll place at your door, 

a parting tribute unlike any before. 

Walking away, in my heart you will stay, 

even as petals begin to drift and fly away, 

At least you’re left with a beautiful bouquet…

(Ant happily runs off to play in a field of Narcissus flowers, also known as Daffodils: a blossom symbolizing self-love and appreciation.)