Sunshine Through Singed Meringue

Sunshine Through Singed Meringue


Two days ago I did something I haven’t had the courage to do alone.  I boarded a bus.  The last time I did this, I had my entourage – my girls.  Since they returned to school, I’ve been battling a demon by the name of Recluse.

Spending hours alone on a daily basis back in Austin wasn’t so bad.  A toothy grin from the mailman with dreadlocks, writing assignments and the occasional coffee with a friend gave contentment to my internal workings. The quiet life suited me in Austin. It worked, mostly.

Germany’s quiet life goes by another name and has given me a new battle contender, Lonely. (God help me if I let both Lonely and Recluse in the same ring!)

I took for granted how small daily routines in Austin were comforting, which brings me back to boarding the bus alone.  I reached out asking through social media, who would like to join me in downtown Wiesbaden.  You responded.  And thanks to you, I walked off the bus and aimlessly wandered the alleys in search of a quiet cafe for us.  My steps took me to a pretty macaron shop called L’Art Sucré.  Inside, my eyes were drawn to the Tarte au Citron. It looked like a delicious beacon of sunshine peeking through fluffy clouds of lightly singed meringue.  I wasn’t lonely, or alone.







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