About Judy

A traveler without a destination, a scholar without a degree, Judy is perfectly content to follow her meandering path only in anticipation of what turning the next corner may reveal. Born in Germany, raised in Louisiana, with pit-stops in New York, Chicago, Seattle and Austin.  Like her interests, Judy’s jobs are varied: flight attendant, pastry chef, travel agent, stationery importer, preschool teacher, bartender and lifestyle columnist.  From 2011-2014 she lived with her husband and four daughters in southern Belgium, where she spent every free moment tracing Josephine Bonaparte, M.F.K Fisher, Escoffier and Julia Child’s footsteps.

Judy and her entourage currently live in a suburb of Frankfurt, Königstein.  When her apron isn’t dusted with flour and she’s not butchering the German language, she can be found with her nose behind a food memoir, working on three manuscripts or roaming cobblestone streets in search of inspiration…and cake!

(Before moving to Königstein, Judy lived in Wiesbaden for three years.  Information on Wiesbaden can be found on the website, Unveiling Wiesbaden.)