A Poem for Audrey Elaine

A Poem for Audrey Elaine

A beauty 

Her wit could slay dragons

Her charm could fill wagons

When little she clung to the hip of her mother

But as a young adult she chose instead – this, that and the other

Except for the days when she couldn’t refrain

She had no choice but to love the mother in vain

It’s easy to treasure Audrey Elaine  

She’s quite simply the opposite of plain 

When you’re in her realm there is no doubting 

Charisma trails her wake and leaves the lungs and heart shouting

Melancholy blankets souls left in her rear view mirror

Causing a deep seeded yearning for the past to be nearer

When fingers were small wrapped around mine

Who could blame a mother for wishing her to stay

To be in her presence, for just one more day…