Pumpkin Cannelloni (Frankfurt for Cooks)

Pumpkin Cannelloni (Frankfurt for Cooks)

This below recipe was sent courtesy of Frankfurt for Cooks and was also printed in SHAPE Community Life Magazine, September 2021 issue.

Pumpkin Cannelloni Ingredients: 250g pumpkin flesh, 50g water for cooking pumpkin and more for cooking pasta sheets,1 stalk of lemon grass,1.5 Tbsp olive oil, 3 garlic cloves, 250g ricotta, 100g Parmesan, 7-8 sage leaves, 6 Tbsp butter, 5-6 lasagna sheets (*see note below*), 1/2 tsp salt ~

Prep: Cut pumpkin into 1 cm pieces. Crush lemon grass stalk. Crumble ricotta. Grate Parmesan. Chop sage leaves ~

Equipment:Pot, bowl, fork, mortar and pestle or garlic press, tray or cutting board, saucepan with lid ~


OvenPreheat to 180C
Pumpkin, lemon grass, salt, waterCombine in a pot and stew on low till pumpkin is soft, remove lemon grass stalk after cooking
Cooked pumpkin piecesMash with a fork
Garlic cloves, splash of olive oilCrush garlic cloves and fry on low, till slightly softened, mince to a paste (either in garlic press or with mortar and pestle)
Pumpkin pieces, garlic paste, ricotta and parmesan, splash of olive oilCombine in a bowl and mix well, adjust seasoning
Pasta sheets, water, saltBoil water, season with salt, cook pasta sheets for around 1 minute (till softened, but not cooked through), take out of the water, place on an oiled tray, reserve some pasta water
Pasta sheet, pumpkin stuffingRoll stuffing in a pasta sheet, repeat with all pasta sheets
Pumpkin rolls, the remainder of the pumpkin stuffing (divided into two parts), pasta water, oilPlace some of the remaining pasta stuffing in the pan, add a splash of olive oil, then place the pumpkin rolls on top and cover with the rest of the stuffing, add half a ladle of pasta water and bake till pasta is cooked (around 15 min)
Butter, sageMelt butter and heat it till it starts to smell nutty and turns golden brown (pay attention as not to burn it), take off the heat and add chopped sage 
Serve pumpkin cannelloni drizzled with sage butter

*Note* I used store bought cannelloni shells 🙂