Expat Observations From Wiesbaden

Expat Observations From Wiesbaden

Scattered below, in no certain order, are observations I’ve made since moving to the land of lederhosen and schnitzel.  If you have opinions you’d like to share, please leave a comment below…

  • When greeting a couple, German men often extend their hand to the woman first
  • Dogs are allowed in many public spaces (restaurants, grocery stores, etc..)
  • Adults love ice cream cones
  • Women are comfortable hiking/walking alone
  • Younger generations are quick to give up seats to the elderly
  • Couples hold hands (young and old)
  • Coffee is served with a cup and saucer
  • Eggs often have feathers attached to shell
  • An Apotheke is the equivalent to a candy store to middle-aged women (myself included)
  • It’s frowned upon to put feet up on public transit
  • Cigarette vending machines are on every corner
  • Wine by the glass is inexpensive  
  • Soda and water are expensive  
  • German salads are THE best
  • Windows sparkle
  • Organized walks often end with beer and homemade cake
  • People wear wrist watches
  • Table service is never rushed
  • Riesling rules (I’m searching for a good German red – anyone?)
  • Credit cards take a backseat to cash
  • Kids in single digits take public transportation, alone
  • Church bells chime on the hour
  • Stores are closed on Sundays
  • Restaurants (and a sprinkling of bakeries) are open on Sundays
  • And last, but certainly not least…
  • Sugar cubes exist

2 thoughts on “Expat Observations From Wiesbaden”

  • Judy, you are such a talented writer. This is spot on! I couldn’t agree more with how the culture in Duitsland, Netherlands are so similar.
    More and more I appreciate these differences.
    Thank you for sharing

    • Theresa, thank you for leaving a comment on my little observations. Living abroad, as you know, offers an abundance of opportunities to learn. I’m an eager student 🙂

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